Vanster and lei

about us

A thriving team
of creatives
and designers.

In 2010, a studio was born in Barcelona as a result of the merger between a designer-journalist-publicist and a lawyer and entrepreneur by definition. From the blend of the creativity of a left-hander and the ideas of a tireless explorer came out Vänster, and during these years we have done nothing but grow in every way.

We have a lot of left hands, in the most literal sense [did you know that vänster means left-handed in Swedish and there are quite a few in our team?]. After 10 years, we are still here, closer than ever, as Vänster as always to continue finding solutions, building and designing, which is what we know how to do. These people are responsible for it:

Yasmina Sanz

Partner and creative director

Publicist, journalist and creative. Always in symbiosi with the client, seeking the perfect result.

Axel Sanz

Partner and CFO

He is the figures guy. Never gets tired of exploring new business and production possibilities. He has imagination and infinite energy.

Emi Casagolda

Content Manager

Constant, tenacious and decisive. If it can be done, she gets it.

    Marc López

    Graphic designer

    Multitalented designer. Fits like a glove to the brands he works with.

      Miquel Reina

      Graphic designer

      Self-demanding and tenacious. Looks for the best result in all his designs.

        Olatz Altuna

        Graphic designer and illustrator

        Efficient, methodical and detailed. Always ready for a new challenge. Passionate about her work.

          David Albarracín

          Content Manager & UX Designer

          Thorough and accurate. There is no newsletter or online content that he does not control perfectly.

            Marcos Ligero

            IT Developer

            Devoted engineer. There is no platform that he cannot master.

              Elisa Bernat


              Creations to fall in love with. Her speciality is children's illustration, but it is not her only record.

                Lourdes Badia


                Punctuality, order and clear accounts are her daily objectives and she always achieves them.

                  Guillem Olivares


                  A skillful eye to capture the best of each space and person.



                    Linguist and administrative assistant. Many languages and patience.



                      In charge of bringing good luck to the office. Works with batteries.

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